THE COOKOUT has now become one of M.I.L.E's signature events that we like to bring to the Stevenson community.

Our first iteration of "THE COOKOUT" was on October 15, 2016, which is the first widespread, student-led cookout hosted at Stevenson University

With the assistance of Office of Student Activities, Security, and Stevenson's own Faculty & Staff, M.I.L.E was able to host a one of a kind event where ALL students had the chance to have a great fun filled night with friends and other Mustangs!

We had music, free food, games, and raffle prizes!

Anonymous responses from students from our MILE's Post Cookout Survey

really enjoyed this event. I liked that there were different things to do and that you could just hang out with friends and have a good time

This was a really fun event! most people were on the dance floor and at first we thought that was the only thing to do but then as we started walking we realized there were more things to do like smores and cornhole. I heard this was the first time you had this event and if so definitely have it again!!!

I think you should host an event of this caliber every semester!...