MILE has a wide variety of different members in the organization, ranging from all four class levels and members possessing different majors. We are dedicated to maintaining a diverse group of individuals so the group in its entirety can be exposed to a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds and intellect to become well rounded leaders

Aaron Baines

Anthony Plaag

Austin Halterman

Brandon Powell

Bryson Barksdale

Byron Little

Camden Atkins

Chris Telman

Christian Amici

Daniel Habron

David Bollock

Devin Blankeney

Darrin Hawkins

Evan Berman

Ian Liyay

John Prettyman

Matthew Alcantara

Michael Alli

Mohamed Bah

Nick Parkent

Nigel Read

Noah Connor

Norman Greenwell

Rashad Johnson

Shaiyke Jordan

Paul Farrell

Quenlan Dunn