Occupation Now:  I am a Resident in the program BCTR, Baltimore City Teaching Residency. I am currently undergoing the six-week Pre-Service Training in order to get my certification to teach at Baltimore City Public Schools for two years. The program is challenging and rigorous, but I am committed to becoming the best first year teacher I can be through field experience and Skill-Building sessions.

Upon completion, I will be teaching 4th Grade Math at Monarch Academy Public Charter School.


Nathan Clark

Major of Study: Business Administration

How has M.I.L.E impacted your life? M.I.L.E has impacted me a great deal. It has helped my maturation process as a man as well as with professional development. It has groomed me into a great leader of men and mentor for boys. This has helped me build the classroom culture as I teach summer school at Baltimore Collegiate School for the Boys. I have been able to directly translate these skills into my classroom and motivate children to respect their brothers, motivate their brothers to work hard, and teach them to be leaders.

What advice can you give to current and future members of M.I.L.E? I would just say continue to be an individual in terms of being yourself but also build relationships and network because life can be hard by yourself. M.I.L.E will provide a great brotherhood and support system. Buy in and contribute because it builds core values as well as creates great friendships that will last a lifetime. These young men have your back and will be in your corner. Lastly, M.I.L.Ehas a huge and growing impact on Stevenson University's campus, so be apart of something bigger than yourself.

Norris Sydnor

Major of Study: Business Administration

Occupation Now: Employed by Academic Technologies at George Washington University

How has M.I.L.E impacted your life? -M.I.L.Ehas allowed me to become part of a strong brotherhood while also allowing me to establish connections with guys across all fields of study and stages of life.

What advice can you give to current and future members of M.I.L.E? - Never become complacent, take calculated risks,  and continue to stay out of your comfort zone and great things will happen.  

What advice can you give to current and future members of M.I.L.E? 

How you perceive yourself is very important. Do not allow yourself to become content with your situation. If you teach yourself that you can't do anything then you won't do anything. Encourage and teach yourself that you can do everything. Never set a limit on what you can do.

Calvin Smith

Majors of Study: 

  • Bachelors: Business Information Systems
  • Masters: Business Technology Management

Occupation Now: I am currently a Wireless Installer for the National Institute of Health. My job consists of me going to different building that are directly connected with NIH and providing those buildings with wireless access points that will give each building WiFi capabilities. Aside from that, I am also working on getting more involved with film, and other artistic ventures as well as working on my second book, which will be novel. My first book that I published is called the Power of Values and it is available on Amazon.

How has M.I.L.E impacted your life

M.I.L.E has had a very big impact on my life because it has helped me network with many different people that has helped me professionally and personally. Also, M.I.L.E has shaped the way that I dress as well because I was always looking to wear street clothes to events but after my experience with M.I.L.E I am now more opposed to wearing street clothes and more focused on wearing business casual clothing. M.I.L.Ehas also impacted me because it has taught me the value of brotherhood and it has taught me the importance of having positive male figures in society.