What advice can you give to current and future members of M.I.L.E? - Understand and appreciate the differences between you and your brothers. You don't realize how much of a box you may live in until you start to actually listen to your fellow brother's stories and how they got to Stevenson. Now that you are at Stevenson, support one another. Listen to peoples goals and dreams and contribute what you can. You would be surprised how much a simple "I think you should try this" or "you should talk to this person" can change a person's life.

Mathieu Mears

Major of Study: Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

Occupation Now: I am an independent financial consultant for individuals, families, and small businesses. I am also currently attending the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University for my Executive MBA.

How has M.I.L.E impacted your life? - 

It's sort of hard to really put into words how M.I.L.E impacted my life without sounding cliche. M.I.L.E really kept me in Stevenson when I was on the verge of dropping out. Building M.I.L.E was an experience within itself but to know that I have brothers who I could call on at 3 or 4 in the morning when I just needed some words of encouragement is priceless. Plus a lot of us have moved out of state and now I know I can go to a lot of different places and have a place to sleep!


Travis Douglas

Major of Study: Business Communication, Psychology Minor

Occupation Now: Full Desk Account Executive at Tech USA, LLC

How has M.I.L.E impacted your life? - 

M.I.L.Ehas saved my life and helped me see my true potential let’s just say the person that I was after joining and before is night and Day.

What advice can you give to current and future members of M.I.L.E? 

I have three things to leave you with:

1. Drink water and walk slow.

2. Those who start the journey with you will not always finish with you.

3. In order to reveal your true power step  outside  your comfort Zone! (reach out to Alumni for any issues no matter what it is that’s what we are here for!)